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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Welcome to The Truth Denied Blog!

Our site is designed with HUMANITY and the Rights of Passage for all living things.

If you have come here, it is because you are a truth seeker, you are no doubt a warrior, and you have certainly come to the right place. You are here because you were invited here. There is no doubt that you have had eye opening experiences at some time in your life, perhaps you have seen through the MATRIX all of your life. Our lives are paralleled by these awesome experiences, therefore you are not alone, and we are ONE.

We are all here in this virtual space and time to share our experiences with one another.
The time is now. We must REMEMBER, for this is the action of waking up, to AWAKEN is to REMEMBER, and we have all come here to wake each other up, to discuss the truth denied. The sword we carry is not one of destruction, rather a sword of TRUTH, hold it high.

I for one have never in my personal experience on Planet Earth felt so ALIVE.

Peace! Love & Respect to you.

Roxy Lopez
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