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Thursday, February 24, 2011

Day One of the INTERVIEW with CBS

February 10, 2020   CBS Arizona  wants to look into Chemtrails

Day of the Interview with CBS

Pat McReynolds from CBS and his camera man came to interview Roxy Lopez for a couple of hours on February 10th at there home in Arizona.  Roxy and her husband Steve poured coffee and openly discussed there backgrounds such as living in Seattle, the music and entertainment business (Roxy and her hubby are in the industry), the band 'Queensryche' and the tour "Operation Mindcrime", & Deadliest Catch (because  Roxy's hubby Steve is a 24 year veteran to the Crab Fishing industry). Both Pat and the CBS camera man wished there 'significant others were present' so they too could share in this conversation and of course meet them.  Pat mentioned his wife would "corner Steve if she ever had the chance because she is a BIG "Deadliest Catch" fan."

 Coffee and celebrity style conversation. But wait, they were there to interview Roxy Lopez from The Truth Denied about Geoengineering/Chemtrails. Were they at the right house?


Roxy broached the subject of chemtrails and took out some files and some photos. Files included The infamous H.R. 2877 Act entitled "Space Preservation Act of 2001",  and H.R. 2420 Space Preservation Act of 2005  (a 2005  continuation of the H.R. 2877 introduced in the House 109th Congress) that address electronic, phsychotronic information weapons, chemtrails, high altitude ultra low frequency weapons systems, chemical ,biological, environmental, climate, or tectonic weapons, etc. Roxy Lopez also presented the John Hopkins's advanced academic programs such as "Master of Science in Energy Policy and Climate that addresses programs and academia regarding for students learning climate control studies, as well as some of the Agriculture Alert-Action Items regarding Weather Modification Bills set for passage early 2009 such as U.S Senate Bills 1807, 2191, 3036, and U.S House Bills 3445 and draft bill by congressman Dingell.  Included in these were the Climate Security and Climate Change Legislation which also address Cap & Trade Bills (which apparently will be more Stock market oriented designed as Cap & Trade Bills under the heading of climate security acts). They even  offered up the World Meteorological Organization Documents, otherwise known as WMO Documents on weather modification approved by the Commission for Atmospheric Sciences Management Group, that detail "Purposeful augmentation of precipitation, rain and snow enhancement, fog reduction, etc. This document addresses a number of issues associated with hundreds of weather modification programs, as well as the scientific status of weather modification programs currently in place.
Roxy also addressed the patents associated such as Patent #6315213-Method of Modifying Weather, 6056203 Method and apparatus for modifying super cooled clouds as well as Patent# 6382526 Process and apparatus for the production of nano fibers. She mentioned USDA Farm Agency Crop Loss Adjuster Rosalind Peterson and her discoveries and reports on GeoEngineering, as well former Arizona Senator Karen Johnson and her findings, and last but not least  Michael Murphy and his film "What in the World are They Spraying?" Lopez mentioned California's Doctor Staninger's and her views regarding "weaponized mycoplasm Vs. Nanotechnology. The Truth Denied also works with  Caroline Carter of Cyprus's  and has documented her work on Morgellons Disease and case studies on there website.  Roxy also referred to NOAA and the countless Weather Modification programs at there disposal, NASA, EPA, and a government application document known as Owning the weather by 2025.

Roxy Lopez made sure to send in an email most of the above mentioned, including her website that has a wealth of information, all of her radio interviews with hosts such as ,Jerry Pippin, Dr. Bernard Alvarez & Nightwatch. Lopez presented CBS with her  You Tube Channel which have several  mini documentaries such as  the controversial Chem Web lab tests and Pinal Airpark (which is really a highly guarded facility known as Evergreen Inc., located on the public "bone yards" front entrance.)

I think you get the picture here.  Looks like CBS's Pat Reynold's did not.

Is there more to this?
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