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Thursday, February 24, 2011

Part 2


Moving along, the "Chemtrail" interview was filmed with Pat McReynold's asking Roxy Lopez a series of questions on camera, while Steve (hubby) filmed the CBS interview in it's entirety as a back up of sorts. All seemed to go well, and they had time to film and one last piece in there back yard, where Roxy and Pat shake hands and Pat asks the question " Is there anything else you would like to add Roxy?", and Roxy Lopez puts out her hand to shake his, and says "Yes, Pat. I would like to thank you so much for doing this interview "and sincerely added "Pat, maybe you can get some answers, or at least start the conversation with our public officials", to which Pat replied "I will do my best".

It was a wonderful clear blue sky in Arizona, and they bid there goodbyes outside of there home , wishing them a safe journey back and luck with the investigation. Pat said he would be in touch and he would let us know when the piece was going to air on the CBS News, as well said "Please don't release anything you guys filmed today until I find out if it's okay to do so on You Tube or a documentary".

Of course Roxy Lopez honored these requests, and thusly has the entire footage of the interview backed up and safe. The Truth Denied has not released it to the general public. AND, it holds the truth of the enitre CBS on camera interview.

But have you seen the CBS article.?
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