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Thursday, February 24, 2011

Part 3

TODAY:  February 24, 2010

On the evening of February 23, 2010, CBS aired the taping of the Roxy Lopez interview on the news, as well had a written article on the CBS.  Roxy Lopez was never contacted by Pat McReynolds regarding the filming that happened in there home, neither received any responses from Pat regarding information she had sent to him via his email address  The article and video he did seems quite one sided to most, although he did bring up one great point.

"Every contrail is just good old-fashioned airplane exhaust, and that's all it is," said Verdaglio.
You'll get the same answer from NASA, NOAA, the FAA, the EPA, and the Air Force. All of these federal agencies say chemtrails are bogus."

This is response is actually the truth, whether you are an inquiring mind, a general citizen, a chemtrail/geoengineering activist, an attorney, etc.  You will get the same blanket clause answer.

ROXY LOPEZ  comments:

“I see the obvious. We could all point fingers at  CBS journalist Pat McReynold's  and claim he did not do his homework, regardless of how much evidence was given to him by both and It is most unfortunate that a journalist of 18 years in the making knew that THIS door was closed before it could even be opened. Obviously, this reporter’s hands are tied.

                                                             He can join the club.

Our work has just begun in this area (Geoengineering), and we will not stop until we get some answers.  We are fearless in our endeavors, as the truth is right around the corner. If you value humanity, you  too  will do what you can everyday to aid your fellow man.

After all, Chemtrails Kill.

  ~Roxy Lopez

If you care to write CBS directly:
4016 N. Black Canyon Hwy.
Phoenix, AZ 85017

CBS 5 GENERAL MANAGER - accepts viewer concerns and suggestions -

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