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Thursday, February 24, 2011

We write a letter TO CBS Manager

To the General Manager at CBS

Aloha to you ,

I am writing to you because I was interviewed by Pat McReynold's on the subject matter of Chemtrails and GeoEngineering.  I have included an account of events for your perusal and of course wish to  want to thank you for airing the story.  Although it seems the articles and video stirred up a bit of trouble with your audience.  This must be awkward for you and your staff?  Many of your watcher/listeners were infuriated that you would have the nerve to run a "chemtrail" story  when the world currently so upside down?( i.e. the economy & Middle East as well as Madison ,WI )

You know, my team asked the same question?  With so much madness in the world, why on earth is CBS running a story on Chemtrails?  (and that is coming from  a geoengineering investigator).
So we want to thank you for airing the story.

Also, I think this article caught my attention because none of the comments that were posted to your site were anything like these in this article that was posted hours after the release of original article. And though Pat  (or some writer) claims in this article that his FB page was getting bombarded with comments, I took a look at his page (which is 2 weeks old) and there are zero comments posted. We have also received a number of emails today as well saying that they tried to "friend" Pat, but he has not confirmed. So where did all these comments really come from?  Not from your website, not from FB. Could you please let me know what you find? 

Again, thanks so much for your time and please let me know if there is anything else that I can supply for you. thank you again for giving us a voice on your news channel.  CBS has been the first to interview anyone in my field.
Roxy Lopez

cc/Canyon Cassidy
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