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Friday, August 24, 2012

The Top Favorites for The Truth Denied (playlist)

Her motto is “Think Quantum Leap-World Enlightenment NOW!”

What did the radio show cover today?

Cathy answered the following questions for us!
  • What are curses and can they be removed?
  • Energy balancing /curse removal for everyone.
  • *We did an actual group prayer on the air, please listen to the interview, it was amazing!* 
  • The power of prayer:  Cathy talks about what they just accomplished in Hawaii and how they kept all the Fukishima debris from hitting the Hawaiian Islands.
  • Cathy also read a chemtrail prayer, one she designed for protection for all humanity! 
  • The power of using the energy of Love.
Please enjoy our work on healing and other matters in the world today.We encourage your comments as well as additions to this blog for humanity.
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