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Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Quantum Leap POWER PRAYER For the Masses!

Quantum Leap POWER PRAYER For the Masses!Cathy Bilsky is a new addition to our Radio show !  She will be conducting a Power Prayer every Tuesday at the top of the first hour of the radio show. Cathy is teaching thousands about a Quantum Leap that is occurring on our planet, right now, yes TODAY!  Want to help speed things up?  Well here is the transcript  of the prayer right here, that she did LIVE on the show on Tuesday night , September 18th at 8PM EST. Powerful Stuff PLEASE pass it on!
***************We are REACHING OUT to all of Humanity on this one!!!!*************************

Please enjoy our work on healing and other matters in the world today.We encourage your comments as well as additions to this blog for humanity.

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