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Thursday, October 31, 2013

What is happening on the moon? Emily Cragg answers the hard questions &...

What is Happening to Earth's Moon?
There's no problem we ever have that we can solve unless we know what is real and true about that problem. What is Happening to Earth's Moon?
The leaders of the so-called free world have, since about 1967 at theend of the Iron Mountain Conference, decided we the people don't need to know anything they're doing with regard to space science, spacetravel and system geography.
At NASA all fundamentals of space travel and space exploration are currently under the 2,000 page manual, unavailable to the general public.
Article 2.45 states "No man or woman from this organization shall refer any matters of unknown anomalies to any public source. Any intention to do so shall result with immediate termination and prosecution to the full extent of the law."
So what they call ANOMALIES [which mean, signs of life and human occupancy] fall under NRO and NSA dictates, and all textbooks, news reports and NASA photographs must comply with those dictates.


"Why do I do this? Because teaching my children and grandchildren what is not factual nor true is offensive to me, as a mother and a grandmother, and as a techie in a technical field. "~~ Emily Cragg

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