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Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Fritz Zimmerman Interviews on The Giant Human Skeletons (+playlist)

Fritz Zimmerman is an unaffiliated scholar who has spent 13 years in both academic pursuits and field work in search of the origins of the conical burial mounds and sun temples, known as henges that are found across Europe and North America. Over 10,000 State and County histories in North America and the British Isles were poured through to collect the largest number of giant human skeletons in print. Independent studies of Numerology, Sacred Geometry, Ancient Symbolism, Etymology, Anthropology, Archaeology has resulted in one of the great finds of our age.

The Amorites developed high mathathematics and discovered pi and square roots of numbers. The number 666 was expressed by the Amorite Babylonians as the "Magic Square" (see attach) Any way you add the numbers it will add to 111, six rows per side makes all of the sides add to 666.

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