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Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Missing Malaysia Plane cloaked by Electronic Weapon?

Missing Malaysia Plane cloaked by Electronic Weapon? March 18th, 2014 UPDATES

It's downright creepy at this point.

“Villagers near Marang, on Malaysia’s eastern coast, told police they heard a “loud and frightening noise” for about two minutes Saturday morning, according to Tom Phillips, a Telegraph correspondent in Kuala Lumpur. Eight Marang islanders have filed police reports about hearing a loud and frightening noise. Some even ran toward the sound to see what was causing it – but saw nothing. That was about nine hours after the plane took off. ”
Several other  reports also claim many witnesses heard a large bang, but again, they saw nothing.
“One of villagers, Alias Salleh, 36, said he and seven fellow villagers were seated on a bench about 400 meters from the Marang beach at 1.20 A.M. when they heard a noise that sounded like the fan of a jet engine.

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