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Monday, March 30, 2015

Multiple UFO's Buzzing Chemtrail Jet... Beyond Chemtrails...

Multiple UFO's Buzzing Chemtrail Jet... Beyond Chemtrails...

Tell us what YOU see?
 Jim Kerr documents UFO's and has some astounding photographic evidence for the public to compare notes with..... Check it out and please feel free to pass it on! You tell us, what do you see the photos, as well the videos. Check out the article that covers extensive UFO sightings around the world!

The Truth Denied

Written by Jim Kerr

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

The Chemtrail crafts will begin to fly into spirals across the country all chemtrail operations will be infected with the Y2k. The United states will be a plague to all chemtrails opertions craft pilots operators commands. the biengs who are responsible will begin to be plagued will illnesses that will force them off land make them leave the solar rays will become a plague to them all including their helpers all shadow goverment involved people. The skies will become hostile to all of them all CIA Airforce any one invloved will be brought to their knees they shall suffer what they inflicted upon the people including politicians involved high ranking us officials military personel. Obama all his administration all NWO members super plague is upon them all.