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Wednesday, November 19, 2014

How to calculate the altitude of that chemtrail plane or clouds

How to calculate the altitude of that chemtrail plane or clouds


All too often we the public has to guess the altitude of a cloud or  a chemtrail  when attempting to give a witness testimony.   I have even witnessed some pretty  heated debates on discussion boards regarding altitude alone!  The Truth Denied is a problem solving tabloid, so we have a solution for this public debate. The altitude of stationary or moving cloud, trail and plane can be calculated. EASY as 1-2-3 .

MOON, MARS, EARTH Part 1 Chemtrails Connection

Aerospace programs connection to GEOENGINEERING.  This is a THREE part series.  We discuss The MINING Projects on the MOON and Mars, the potential risks, the companies involved, and why has it been kept from the PUBLIC?ase enjoy our work on healing and other matters in the world today.We encourage your comments as well as additions to this blog for humanity.

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Russian Bombers Entering Allied Airspace: A Cause For Concern?

Russian Bombers Entering Allied Airspace: A Cause For Concern? 

This is an issue that needs far more attention. The job of every citizen who lives in a free country is to hold their elected leaders accountable, and also to make sure that they government does not gain more power than the citizens. In this respect we are failing. Voice your concerns about nuclear weapons to your elected officials and representatives. Tell them that you will not tolerate even the consideration of any country to engage in nuclear warfare, nor will you allow any country to make threats of nuclear war. We are allowing a handful of people to control the most destructive weapons known to mankind. The biggest fear of any corrupt or tyrannical government is that the masses finally catch on to their unjust and inhuman ideals. We are 7 billion strong and our strongest weapons are keyboards and paper; and you should never be afraid to use them.

Thursday, November 13, 2014

Chemtrails Blocking Sunsets & Rising Full Moon: What are they hiding?

Chemtrails Blocking Sunsets & Rising Full Moon: What are they hiding? 

X-Police officer states " I have been documenting chemtrails in Northern California, and there is a connection between full moons and chemtrails. See my REPORT HERE and be sure to pass it on"~ Jim Kerr

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

How to remove an RFID IMPLANT

How to remove an  RFID  IMPLANT 

PLEASE stop and pass this on to any of the TI's that may be in your group.

THE TRUTH DENIED recieves tons of emails about those of you who are TI (Targeted Individuals) and the first thing you want to know about is how do you scan and remove your chip. Hopefully this will be of VALUE to you now.

Apparently, the removal of an RFID Implant is complicated to remove whether you are a pet or a human. First you have to find a practitioner who can detect the chip. Secondly, you must find a surgeon who is willing to remove the chip, or find a technician who can erase the chip and stop it from transmitting data. The following is sure to help those of you who may have strong implications of chip implantation. This article is to aid you in your search for either chip detection and or chip removal.

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

ZERO POINT & the Alien Reproduction Vehicle :Mark McCandlish and James...

PDT The documentary filmmaker James Allen, who recently completed a film on alien propulsion with Mark McCandlish (ZP Final Cut) appears to have been poisoned to death with heavy metals (see toxicology report).
Activist Stephen Bassett detailed a troubling pattern involving the recent deaths of ET/UFO researchers. Not only did fast acting cancers kill both author Philip Coppens and Starchild researcher Lloyd Pye. He warned that there could be a campaign to silence people who’re getting too close to the truth about the ET presence.. 

Monday, November 3, 2014

The Universe of Fields & How Vibration can Create

The Universe of Fields & How Vibration can Create

"What happens when a particle collides at high speed with another particle is not just the sum of what components made up the two particles, but an interaction of energy with the fields entangled about them. This energetic interaction with the fields can generate new particles." ~George Arruda