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Thursday, February 24, 2011

VIEWERS and Facebook Comments CBS video and article

 Friend request  {for Pat McReynold's, CBS) sent not heard back yet. :) What you do here is appreciated greatly by me. Not so good at giving feedback me but doing my best to spread all and any posts I come across re: Chemtrails. Dont lose heart Roxy life has a habit of working out.
 from Mark McCandlish>? CBS site
Chad Verdaglio doesn't know what he's talking about.  Not only are the chemtrails real, and a manifestation of a larger, well-orchestrated program of geo-engineering, there have been conferences held around this country and the world discussing this sort of work. These materials are being used as range extenders in jet fuel among other things. The very materials described in the patents for Welsbach cloud seeding are the same ones showing up in the soil samples.  The Monsanto Company has even patented crop species that are resistant to the Aluminum, Barium and Strontium nanomaterials used in these aerosols, which have been shown through documented research to cause delayed seed production in crops, a variety of respiratory diseases and reduced immune system function in animals and humans.  Just perform a Google Search on "Toxicity of Aluminum Oxide nanoparticles" and you'll find USAF research papers dating  back to the early 1990's that outline the health hazards, including pulmonary fibrosis.  Increased soil alkalinity in northern California alone has led to a 95% or greater die-off of invertibrates that fish and other creatures survive on.  Fish and Salmon populations have seen dramatic reductions.  Your piece was poorly researched, and lacked the depth that it deserved.  Start charting the dates of higher chemtrail incidents as a graph, then line it up with the higher numbers in particulate readings from area airports along with higher numbers of patients in local hospitals reporting "respiratory distress", flu-like symptoms and increased alergy symptoms. You'll see a direct correlation.  You owe it to the community. If your "expert" witnesses are so sure of their proclamations, then maybe they'd like to assure us all of how safe the water coming from the northern California snowshed is by drinking some of that water.  It has been found to have as much as 62,000 times the "standard reading" of Aluminum oxide in it.  Explain that.
  • Feb. 24, 2011 6:34pm MST
    As a research scientist I have sampled the water from the chemtrails.  Typically nationwide they are very high in aluminum, barium, strontium, boron, and arsenic.  also fe and Mn.  other elements normal, nothing significant.  Yes I am outraged that some evergreen nincompoop hired by the military is dumping this poison on me without my consent.  The lab reports do not lie, but what amazes me is the number of stupids out there who do not DARE to look at the simple facts on the lab report sheets. The Bible says THOU SHALT NOT KILL! oK you debunkers, what do you think of poisoning your neighbor?  We have absolute proof they are in fact doing it.  Some lab reports are shown live in the video "what in the world are they spraying."  See it and weep or be a pig in heaven until you find out your real purpose is bacon.
    Feb. 24, 2011 4:31pm MST
  • Perhaps those of you that say that this story of chemtrails is not true should understand that the reports have been reported all over the world. Remember, in 1942 most Americans did not understand that they were head ding towards a world war and the world was not listening to the thousands of reports that had been reported about death camps. The father of a disabled girl told Churchill that Hitler was involved in a global program of Eugenics asked for all the files, which were secretly shown to him. It allowed him to convince England to fight against Hitler. Eugenics was and still is very popular among the globalists. Why are the governments not telling the people what is the reason for spaying the people? The film "What on Earth Are They Spraying" answers those on here who feel they are all knowing.


    Manchester England.

    Feb. 24, 2011 3:24pm MST
  • You can keep removing remarks to this story if you like. To do so brings disgrace to your orginization.
    Feb. 24, 2011 4:04pm MST
  • pfleischer:  You are so right.  Evidence once again that they only tell us what we "really" want to hear.
    Feb. 24, 2011 3:20pm MST
  • CBS you are an absolute disgrace, hang your heads in shame you dehumanised drones.

    Aerosol oberation are real, we are being sprayed and all the evidence is open, it's not even secret. 

We write a letter TO CBS Manager

To the General Manager at CBS

Aloha to you ,

I am writing to you because I was interviewed by Pat McReynold's on the subject matter of Chemtrails and GeoEngineering.  I have included an account of events for your perusal and of course wish to  want to thank you for airing the story.  Although it seems the articles and video stirred up a bit of trouble with your audience.  This must be awkward for you and your staff?  Many of your watcher/listeners were infuriated that you would have the nerve to run a "chemtrail" story  when the world currently so upside down?( i.e. the economy & Middle East as well as Madison ,WI )

You know, my team asked the same question?  With so much madness in the world, why on earth is CBS running a story on Chemtrails?  (and that is coming from  a geoengineering investigator).
So we want to thank you for airing the story.

Also, I think this article caught my attention because none of the comments that were posted to your site were anything like these in this article that was posted hours after the release of original article. And though Pat  (or some writer) claims in this article that his FB page was getting bombarded with comments, I took a look at his page (which is 2 weeks old) and there are zero comments posted. We have also received a number of emails today as well saying that they tried to "friend" Pat, but he has not confirmed. So where did all these comments really come from?  Not from your website, not from FB. Could you please let me know what you find? 

Again, thanks so much for your time and please let me know if there is anything else that I can supply for you. thank you again for giving us a voice on your news channel.  CBS has been the first to interview anyone in my field.
Roxy Lopez

cc/Canyon Cassidy

Part 3

TODAY:  February 24, 2010

On the evening of February 23, 2010, CBS aired the taping of the Roxy Lopez interview on the news, as well had a written article on the CBS.  Roxy Lopez was never contacted by Pat McReynolds regarding the filming that happened in there home, neither received any responses from Pat regarding information she had sent to him via his email address  The article and video he did seems quite one sided to most, although he did bring up one great point.

"Every contrail is just good old-fashioned airplane exhaust, and that's all it is," said Verdaglio.
You'll get the same answer from NASA, NOAA, the FAA, the EPA, and the Air Force. All of these federal agencies say chemtrails are bogus."

This is response is actually the truth, whether you are an inquiring mind, a general citizen, a chemtrail/geoengineering activist, an attorney, etc.  You will get the same blanket clause answer.

ROXY LOPEZ  comments:

“I see the obvious. We could all point fingers at  CBS journalist Pat McReynold's  and claim he did not do his homework, regardless of how much evidence was given to him by both and It is most unfortunate that a journalist of 18 years in the making knew that THIS door was closed before it could even be opened. Obviously, this reporter’s hands are tied.

                                                             He can join the club.

Our work has just begun in this area (Geoengineering), and we will not stop until we get some answers.  We are fearless in our endeavors, as the truth is right around the corner. If you value humanity, you  too  will do what you can everyday to aid your fellow man.

After all, Chemtrails Kill.

  ~Roxy Lopez

If you care to write CBS directly:
4016 N. Black Canyon Hwy.
Phoenix, AZ 85017

CBS 5 GENERAL MANAGER - accepts viewer concerns and suggestions -

Part 2


Moving along, the "Chemtrail" interview was filmed with Pat McReynold's asking Roxy Lopez a series of questions on camera, while Steve (hubby) filmed the CBS interview in it's entirety as a back up of sorts. All seemed to go well, and they had time to film and one last piece in there back yard, where Roxy and Pat shake hands and Pat asks the question " Is there anything else you would like to add Roxy?", and Roxy Lopez puts out her hand to shake his, and says "Yes, Pat. I would like to thank you so much for doing this interview "and sincerely added "Pat, maybe you can get some answers, or at least start the conversation with our public officials", to which Pat replied "I will do my best".

It was a wonderful clear blue sky in Arizona, and they bid there goodbyes outside of there home , wishing them a safe journey back and luck with the investigation. Pat said he would be in touch and he would let us know when the piece was going to air on the CBS News, as well said "Please don't release anything you guys filmed today until I find out if it's okay to do so on You Tube or a documentary".

Of course Roxy Lopez honored these requests, and thusly has the entire footage of the interview backed up and safe. The Truth Denied has not released it to the general public. AND, it holds the truth of the enitre CBS on camera interview.

But have you seen the CBS article.?

Day One of the INTERVIEW with CBS

February 10, 2020   CBS Arizona  wants to look into Chemtrails

Day of the Interview with CBS

Pat McReynolds from CBS and his camera man came to interview Roxy Lopez for a couple of hours on February 10th at there home in Arizona.  Roxy and her husband Steve poured coffee and openly discussed there backgrounds such as living in Seattle, the music and entertainment business (Roxy and her hubby are in the industry), the band 'Queensryche' and the tour "Operation Mindcrime", & Deadliest Catch (because  Roxy's hubby Steve is a 24 year veteran to the Crab Fishing industry). Both Pat and the CBS camera man wished there 'significant others were present' so they too could share in this conversation and of course meet them.  Pat mentioned his wife would "corner Steve if she ever had the chance because she is a BIG "Deadliest Catch" fan."

 Coffee and celebrity style conversation. But wait, they were there to interview Roxy Lopez from The Truth Denied about Geoengineering/Chemtrails. Were they at the right house?


Roxy broached the subject of chemtrails and took out some files and some photos. Files included The infamous H.R. 2877 Act entitled "Space Preservation Act of 2001",  and H.R. 2420 Space Preservation Act of 2005  (a 2005  continuation of the H.R. 2877 introduced in the House 109th Congress) that address electronic, phsychotronic information weapons, chemtrails, high altitude ultra low frequency weapons systems, chemical ,biological, environmental, climate, or tectonic weapons, etc. Roxy Lopez also presented the John Hopkins's advanced academic programs such as "Master of Science in Energy Policy and Climate that addresses programs and academia regarding for students learning climate control studies, as well as some of the Agriculture Alert-Action Items regarding Weather Modification Bills set for passage early 2009 such as U.S Senate Bills 1807, 2191, 3036, and U.S House Bills 3445 and draft bill by congressman Dingell.  Included in these were the Climate Security and Climate Change Legislation which also address Cap & Trade Bills (which apparently will be more Stock market oriented designed as Cap & Trade Bills under the heading of climate security acts). They even  offered up the World Meteorological Organization Documents, otherwise known as WMO Documents on weather modification approved by the Commission for Atmospheric Sciences Management Group, that detail "Purposeful augmentation of precipitation, rain and snow enhancement, fog reduction, etc. This document addresses a number of issues associated with hundreds of weather modification programs, as well as the scientific status of weather modification programs currently in place.
Roxy also addressed the patents associated such as Patent #6315213-Method of Modifying Weather, 6056203 Method and apparatus for modifying super cooled clouds as well as Patent# 6382526 Process and apparatus for the production of nano fibers. She mentioned USDA Farm Agency Crop Loss Adjuster Rosalind Peterson and her discoveries and reports on GeoEngineering, as well former Arizona Senator Karen Johnson and her findings, and last but not least  Michael Murphy and his film "What in the World are They Spraying?" Lopez mentioned California's Doctor Staninger's and her views regarding "weaponized mycoplasm Vs. Nanotechnology. The Truth Denied also works with  Caroline Carter of Cyprus's  and has documented her work on Morgellons Disease and case studies on there website.  Roxy also referred to NOAA and the countless Weather Modification programs at there disposal, NASA, EPA, and a government application document known as Owning the weather by 2025.

Roxy Lopez made sure to send in an email most of the above mentioned, including her website that has a wealth of information, all of her radio interviews with hosts such as ,Jerry Pippin, Dr. Bernard Alvarez & Nightwatch. Lopez presented CBS with her  You Tube Channel which have several  mini documentaries such as  the controversial Chem Web lab tests and Pinal Airpark (which is really a highly guarded facility known as Evergreen Inc., located on the public "bone yards" front entrance.)

I think you get the picture here.  Looks like CBS's Pat Reynold's did not.

Is there more to this?

Chemtrails Totally Exposed

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Do Chemtrails Exist? - Phoenix News Story - KPHO Phoenix

Do Chemtrails Exist? - Phoenix News Story - KPHO Phoenix

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SPEAK TRUTH : Chemtrails Kill: CBS 5 Investigates The Chemtrail Controversy - Phoenix News Story - KPHO Phoenix

SPEAK TRUTH : Chemtrails Kill: CBS 5 Investigates The Chemtrail Controversy - Phoenix News Story - KPHO Phoenix

CBS 5 Investigates The Chemtrail Controversy - Phoenix News Story - KPHO Phoenix

CBS 5 Investigates The Chemtrail Controversy - Phoenix News Story - KPHO Phoenix

Here is the advertisment for the CBS Chemtrail Story tonight!

Jerry Pippin Interviews Roxy Lopez, Michael Murphy and Mark McCandlish on Geo Engineering! Part 1 and 2

CBS 5 Investigates The Chemtrail Controversy - Phoenix News Story - KPHO Phoenix

CBS 5 Investigates The Chemtrail Controversy - Phoenix News Story - KPHO Phoenix