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Saturday, June 28, 2014

Chemical & Biological Agents: Masters of Murder 123

Chemical & Biological Agents: Masters of Murder 123WHISTLE BLOWER  TESTIMONY  WARNING

The following statements and in depth research have been provided to THE TRUTH DENIED over the past year by a woman who prefers to go by the first name Lily. The Truth Denied has been receiving “Lily’s” information for a year (since April 2013) and though we have no way to truly vet this author, we can state that the information she has provided is substantial enough for us to publish.The research is well documented and has been vetted. We have included pamphlets, photos, letters, patents and everything that Lily has  provided for us, as well as any scanned evidence that Lily retained from her doctors. Lily asked that THE TRUTH DENIED please publish her findings of her efforts to contact the FDA, doctors, as well as drug companies. Though she prefers to remain anonymous at this time, she does have some very substantial claims!

Monday, June 23, 2014

UFO's and Their Strange Attraction to Chemtrails. What on Earth is the Connection?

UFO's and Their Strange Attraction to Chemtrails. What on Earth is the Connection?Jim Kerr states "All I wanted to do was document chemtrails and do my part in exposing the chemtrail agenda. I have never considered myself a ufologist. These UFO’s simply got in the way of my camera lens…"

Check it out!

Sunday, June 22, 2014

MEET ALICE: The Truth behind Rocket Fuel and Chemtrails


Someone should send this vid over to Jesse Ventura, being he just released a show claiming that Chemtrails do not exist. He didn't do his due diligence is what I am thinking, so send it so send it over to him.

Monday, June 16, 2014

Chemtrails Kill Breast Cancer Awareness Month 10-2010


This is where we began with Chemtrails Kill. The message remains the same, but now we know so much more!

Chemtrail Deployment Connection to Full Moon Cycles

Chemtrail Deployment Connection to Full Moon Cycles

For the past six months I have observed and documented a reoccurring pattern connecting chemtrail activity to the cycles of the full moon. I don’t know if this activity is specifically localized to our area of Southern California or it is occurring throughout the U.S. and worldwide. Since January of 2014, I have observed a 7 to 10 day break in chemtrail activity prior to the full moon. On or about the full moon, chemtrailing begins and continues into the following month then stops 7 to 10 days before the next full moon. Then the cycle repeats itself month after month. I have observed this pattern to be consistent from January 2014 to June 2014. During the full moon, chemtrails are not only deployed during the day but at night as well targeting and attempting to block the moon. 

MEET ALICE: The Truth behind Rocket Fuel and Chemtrails


ALICE: Combustion of Frozen Nanoaluminum

and Water Mixtures

The future of Nano Aluminum propellants is here.It is not in our FUTURE, it has arrived.

Negative impacts:

• Atmospheric impacts generally come from the interaction of propellant exhaust with the atmosphere.

• Shock sensitivity was performed to determine whether the propellant (ALICE) would propagate a detonation wave.

• Ground-based impacts range from groundwater contamination to explosions caused by mishandling of propellants.

• Space-based impacts generally focus on debris and effects on spacecraft.

• Biological impacts tend to focus on the toxicology and corrosiveness of propellants.

"ALICE produces hydrogen and alumina as its main exhaust; while these are generally billed as environmentally friendly, stratospheric alumina has the potential to reduce ozone concentrations."

Monday, June 9, 2014

Roger North asks What is really going on? Interview with Roxy Lopez


First live interview in over 8 months! Roger North interviews Roxy Lopez! of THE TRUTH DENIED!!!  Listen to the archive now!