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Wednesday, March 23, 2011


"The time is now to remove all fear, guilt and shame programs, and any lifetime experiences where you felt persecuted for standing strong in your spiritual power. I speak particularly to the females of your world as you more than the men have had to endure much of this. It has imprinted scarring on your dna which causes great hesitancy and fear when faced with your authentic spiritual powers, and even more so when faced with the possibility of success, power and being in the public eye. I tell you now is the time as Aries begins to move into Uranus to release all of this imprinting that undermines your innate intuition and guidance.. This is also directed at the men who are also at various stages of coming into their own feminine, their own spiritual power. Trust is the key word. It will be a journey to release all that undermines and thwarts this trust, however it is a worthy one. Journeys need not be lengthy or arduous or timely, all these notions have their origin in an old paradigm, linear, 3d, fear based...well, the truth is everything is based upon a belief that was once created and is now considered a 'truth' your 'journey' could begin and end with this reading/video. That is is ALL it could take to grok this. However, if you have any strong unconscious beliefs that you have acquired over the years that would seek to counter this claim, then yes it will probably take a while in terms of earth time...however, know that the choice is here and now to be different...the potential for you to be different, change, evolve in quantum leaps is always in this moment up to you and available to you. So know, that if you would like to remove this so that you can now activate the mission that you can here to accomplish, this space is offering you the ability to do just that. I am Amon Starseed. From Venusia Ra and this has been a transmission through the honorable channel Kasha Glazebrook. I thank you. And God Bless. "

Music ~"Aldeberan" by Enya
Words ~ Kasha Glazebrook
Images ~ Kasha Glazebrook
(Photos of my own garden and the beach) :D

~Kasha Mama Creations~
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