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Thursday, January 10, 2013

Sedition's Gift THE AGE OF MAN : A controversial interview with Author, R.F. RENE

Sedition's Gift THE AGE OF MAN : A controversial interview with Author, R.F. RENEGREAT INTERVIEW!
“The last step in ruling, truly conquering a people, one must destroy their sense of self.” He moved away from Watts, stepping outside the scope of the stadium lights. Into the blackness beyond. His ubiquitous voice, disembodied, phantasmagorical. “Pay attention Lieutenant. When the masses cease to believe in the inherent worth of the individual, then the only moral thing left is to protect the whole. If a society of individuals will not surrender and believe in the usurping moral value of the “whole” then they become the virus, the parasite, if you will. And for the good of the whole, they must be eradicated. Purged.” Quote from the book Sedition's Gift: The Age of Man

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