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Thursday, November 18, 2010



This is just a test!  

Thanks ,


Debra Jayne said...

ALOHA! The test was successful, keep up the good work Roxy! :) x

Linda Menzies said...

Hi Roxy..FB froze & disabled my account the other day. I caved in today & sent them a copy of a photo ID. Apparently I am not a real person. Now that FB has a copy of my ID I may end up on a no fly list? Some one in DC logged on as me & created 11 fake Linda Menzies'!!!!! Kevin Olson is all set to protest Chemtrails tomorrow on Whale Day!!! I do want to go down there & support him. Many of his friends are worried he'll be hauled off. They have restricted his youtube accout with all his films of planes sprayin...apparently Hawaiian Airlines is helping out these days. The skies are really bad here & the claim it's the VOG!!!! Never saw stropey vog before..have you???

Linda Menzies said...

I have a new FB page for the time being..Linda Menzies