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Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Best Ufo Evidence, you decide! Guest: Mike Orrell

Best Ufo Evidence, you decide! Guest: Mike Orrell

Guest: Michael Orrell on UFO Sighting, photographic evidence in San Diego, CA that caught the mainstream medias attention!

Discussion This evening included
* The “first ever” discovery of a pattern linking UFOs to each other and ancient artifacts
*Mike’s Fathers  death and how that lead me to metaphysics and the truth about aliens and UFOs
*What is the importance of the Betty Hill abduction case? Mike’s girlfriends removal of a fetus via alien abduction right in there own home.
* End time scenarios and the role aliens will play in it. Is the ALIEN AGENDA one that is good or bad, or both?
* Five mysterious rock faces in San Diego

Listen to the entire interview now! The Truth about Aliens, UFO’s and Ancient Artifacts with Mike Orrell

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