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Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Visit The Pyramid Center in California with Josef Dolezal

Visit The Pyramid Center in California with Josef Dolezal
I have to wonder who built the pyramids, man or ET? If it is man, where did we get the technology  5,000, technology that we don't even have in the present day? Josef Dolezal has his opinions, solid, refined and untainted. Rather refreshing if you ask me! His openness and willingness to go anywhere in a conversation intrigues me and our  listeners, as Joe is not your typical " angry activist"  kind of guy. He has a practical observation that stems from  an educated and experienced background.
We discussed the pyramids  uncertain age as well as the advanced technology used by the architects of these mysterious ancient ruins.  What does the word mean, and what were the Pyramids used for? There appears to be more significance in them than just a simply structure. Joe has a great explanation for it as well.

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